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PerlCon 2019 is the 20th edition of the annual European Perl Conference also known as YAPC::Europe and TPCiR.

The main conference days are Wednesday 7th to Friday 9th August 2019. We start at 10:00 and continue the main program until 18:00. The extended program begins at 18:00 and continues till 02:00. The registration desk opens at 09:00 on Wednesday 7 August.

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PerlCon 2019 News

1 April. During the next two weeks, up to 14th of April, you can buy our conference tickets at a reduced Late Bird price. Be quick!

26 March. Welcome to our Conference Shop, where you can buy individual items such as lunch, dinner, a ticket to the river cruise, a hotel room, or a taxi transfer.

22 March. A new item in the entertainment program: River Cruise along Daugava at the end of the third day of the conference. Tickets are available.

11 March. A lot of Spring news: new talks, lightning talks sessions, workshops sales launch, the deadline for the early-bird tickets, a new hotel room type available, Send-a-newbie program, and new sponsors.

26 February. PerlCon will be presented at the German Perl Workshop 2019 in Munich. Come by to get the latest news about the conference!

24 February. We have four workshops submitted for the conference. Reserve the dates to attend! Sales open very soon.

19 February. Breaking news! We just got a limited offer of cheaper rooms at the Daugava hotel (PerlCon’s venue). Make sure you buy a ticket now to reserve the room at the price of €90 including breakfast and free cancellation!

15 February. Consider sponsoring PerlCon! We have prepared a sponsorship proposal. Contact us at to discuss it.

1 February. PerlCon is presented at the Perl Booth at FOSDEM in Brussels on weekend 2-3 February.

21 January. Call for talks

21 January. Call for participation

PerlCon 2019 Keynotes

PerlCon 2019 Talk Topics

We are planning to have an outstanding conference with brilliant talks. Here is our vision:

  • Day 1
    Perl for Developers

    Wednesday 7 August

    Larry’s keynote

    Tools and utilities (and version control)

    Parallel and concurrent programming

    Highload techniques




    Data formats (JSON, etc.)

    Regular expressions or regexes


  • Day 2
    Perl for Business

    Thursday 8 August

    Language efficiency


    Working with legacy code

    Perl and HR

    Privacy, security and GDPR

    Legal aspects and open source

    Leading a community

    Developers vs. non-developers

    Perl non-standard way (e.g. IoT)

    Women in programming

    Perl and/for the web

    Perl 5 vs Perl 6 in production

  • Day 3
    Perl for the Future

    Friday 9 August

    Jonathan’s keynote

    Perl in education

    Promoting Perl as a technology

    Perl 6

    Language design

    The future of the language

    Perl vs other languages

    Perl for non-Perl developers

    Other languages for Perl developers

    Perl frameworks

We are also interested in other programming languages. If you want to speak, let us know!

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PerlCon 2019 Speakers

Panel Discussions

During the main days of the conference, we are planning to host a few discussion panels.

PerlCon 2019 Workshops

The days before the conference are dedicated for teaching classes and workshops. If you have something cool to teach, please let us know at

5–6 August. Arne Sommer. Beginning Perl 6

6 August. Jonathan Worthington. Perl 6 Concurrency and Parallelism

6 August. Dave Cross. Modern Perl Web Development with Dancer2

6 August. Jens Rehsack. Perl on embedded devices

The classes are paid, costing from €150 to €250. Tickets are available. To buy, visit one of the above links.

Conference Tickets

To attend the main conference days, you have to buy a ticket. We prepared a big variety of different tickets and what they include.

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