Call for Talks

21 January 2019, Rīga

The organisers of PerlCon 2019 announces the Call for talk proposals. We invite the IT professionals in Perl and other areas to submit talks to the conference.

For the speakers, there a few options to choose from:

  1. Standard talk — 20 minutes
  2. Extended talk — 45 minutes
  3. Tutorial — 1,5 hours
  4. Class — 4 hours
  5. Workshop — 8 hours

The conference includes three talk days, 7 to 9 August, and two days (5 and 6 August) dedicated to classes and workshops. Each conference day of the main program will have one of the following themes:

  1. Perl for Developers
  2. Perl for Business
  3. Perl for the Future

We have a few ideas of the topics that we would like to cover:

Perl for Developers

  1. Tools and utilities (and version control)
  2. Parallel and concurrent programming
  3. Highload techniques
  4. Databases
  5. Debugging
  6. Frameworks
  7. Data formats (JSON, etc.)
  8. Regular expressions or regexes
  9. CPAN

Perl for Business

  1. Language efficiency
  2. Scalability
  3. Working with legacy code
  4. Perl and HR
  5. Privacy, security and GDPR
  6. Legal aspects and open source
  7. Leading a community
  8. Developers vs non-developers
  9. Perl non-standard way (e.g. IoT)
  10. Women in programming
  11. Perl and/for the web
  12. Perl 5 vs Perl 6 in production

Perl for the Future

  1. Perl in education
  2. Promoting Perl as a technology
  3. Perl 6
  4. Language design
  5. The future of the language
  6. Perl vs other languages
  7. Perl for non-Perl developers
  8. Other languages for Perl developers
  9. Perl frameworks

The above lists are neither complete nor mandatory. As a speaker, you can propose something completely different. The main criteria is: your talk should be interesting to the conference attendees.

Would you like to teach Perl developers other languages? You are welcome to participate in the Language Festival! Submit your proposal!

Would you like to argue about some technology? Propose us a discussion panel!

The deadline for talk submission is 15 June 2019. The deadline for talk approval is 20 June. Although, if it is clear that your talk is interesting, it will be accepted immediately.

All submitted talks are published at the Talks page on our website.

You can also submit a 5-minute lightning talk. There will be 1-hour sessions at the end of each day.

All speakers, who give a talk of 20 minutes and more, and the talk is accepted, get a Speaker ticket and attend the conference for free. On the day of the talk, you will have a free voucher for the lunch at the restaurant at our venue. On other days, you have access to sandwich times.

This year, we have three tracks, but we can extend the venue with the fourth track if needed.

With any question, proposals and ideas, contact us at any time.

Love Perl? Come to Rīga!

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