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Raja Renga Bashyam

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Renga Bashyam
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A Web App Architect,Developer & Designer from Indian Sub-content. Nearly 17 years of continuous involvement to Web App Development in varied levels with wide range of implementations. Developed a Web Application Frame work based on communication patterns to standardize development way to achieve re-usability and reduce development time.

Talks submitted by Raja Renga Bashyam

A language neutral approach from Perl to PHP & JavaScript — 45 minutes; pending

A team of few, we have challenges in implementing applications bigger than our size. The constraint forced to innovative practices that reduce our development time, that leaded to evolve a home grown framework. Though the initial things were in pure Perl, later it extended to PHP & JavaScript. We had challenges in train in different language, but Perl's natural language principles given a smooth adaption to PHP and JavaScript & even more. I will share our evolution of language neutral approach that reduced development & training time.

Women in Programming (Down South Subcontinent Context) — 20 minutes; accepted — August 8 (Thu), Room @, 15:10

As a trainer of web technologies(Perl/PHP/JS) for years, i had a personal myth of women programmers are not fit for core programming activities. Over the time, I realized women programmers have more stamina in deep dive and delivering commitment. I will share the initial myth & learning over the time and things that supports women in programming.