About PerlCon

PerlCon 2019 is the 20th edition of the annual European Perl Conference also known as YAPC::Europe and TPCiR

What is PerlCon

PerlCon is the largest annual European Perl conference, which is hosted in a different city every year. It is aimed toward programmers, companies and freelancers who use the Perl programming language. The conference provides attendees with a deeper understanding of Perl, its philosophy, and the opportunity to learn the latest features and techniques.

Although the conference takes place in Europe, people from around the world attend each conference.

There are usually around 300 attendees, including 60–80 speakers. Many speakers are those who are responsible for the design, implementation, and maintenance of Perl itself. Talks are held in parallel, with 3-4 tracks. The conference language is English.


The name

If you are confused about the name(s) of the conference, here is the answer. A long time ago, there was the Perl Conference hosted by O’Reilly in the USA. It was an expensive conference, and thus a cheaper alternative appeared. It was called Yet Another Perl Conference, YAPC for short (reads yah-p-see, not whai-ei-pee-see). Then, the Perl Conference became OSCON (Open Source Convention), and for many years, YAPC and its branches (which include the European YAPC::EU or YAPC::Europe, the North American YAPC::NA, Asian YAPC::Asia, Brazil YAPC::Brazil and Russian YAPC::Russia) was the only regular Perl conference.

In around 2016, we got permission from O‘Reilly to use their trade name, The Perl Conference, but with an appendix mentioning the city where the conference takes place. Thus, the conferences of 2017 and 2018 were called The Perl Conference in Amsterdam and The Perl Conference in Glasgow, TPCiA and TPCiG for short. The good side of this story is that we now have a clear indication that this event is about Perl, but the downside is that the shortened name is weird and changes each year.

When the preparations for the conference in Riga 2019 started, we used TPCiR as the abbreviated name. So you may find this name on the stickers, in some URLs, and somewhere else, e.g. in hashtags. We decided to change the name again, and since this year, we are calling it PerlCon (where Con stands for conference, not congress or convention). We hope that you will like this name and that it will be used in the future. Currently, PerlCon is only associated with the European branch of the former YAPC::Europe. Americans call their conference The Perl Conference, YAPC::Asia transformed to another open source conference and apparently became YAPC::Japan or YAPC::Okinawa, or something else if you can read Japanese. YAPC::Brazil ceased, and YAPC::Russia skips at least 2018 and runs a few smaller Perl workshops instead.

If you have different opinions or any comments regarding the name, you can always share them with us; you'll find all the contact details are at the bottom of this page.

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