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🐪 Perl 4, 🐪 Perl 5, 🦋 Perl 6
Jeff Goff is a well respected and recognisable member of the Perl and Perl 6 communities. He has been programming Perl for more years than he cares to admit, both Perl 5 and 6. Jeff is a contributor to the Perl 6 community and to Rakudo Perl. He has published a number of modules in both Perl 5 and Perl 6 and given numerous training courses in Perl 6 at conferences such as OSCON, FOSDEM, The Perl Conference in Amsterdam and as part of O’Reilly Online Webinars

Jeff is known as DrForr on irc, social networks, and GitHub and GitLab, and can regularly be found hanging out on the Perl 6 community web sites and social media groups. He is also into advanced origami, currently working on a 10 of Diamonds playing card with the 10 and the diamonds in red.

Talks submitted by Jeffrey Goff

Procrastinate with DBIx::LazyCache — 45 minutes; accepted — August 9 (Fri), Room $, 14:20

Do you experience feelings of dread or fear when you update database tables? Have you ever wanted to tell a DBIC column “Ah, fuggedaboudit” and populate it later? Then you need DBIx::LazyCache, at a CPAN mirror near you. Consolidate your caching and business logic in one easy-to-use DBIx::Model.

Custom Routing Protocols in Dancer - Play Nicely With JavaScript — 45 minutes; accepted — August 7 (Wed), Room %, 14:20

Simplify communicating between Dancer2 and your JavaScript front end by writing your own custom routing protocols. We’ll take Dancer2, DXtreme’s DataGrid, and your existing DBIx::Class schema, and combine them into a single route keyword you can use in your own apps.

Practical Perl 6 — 240 minutes; pending

Learn Perl 6 hands-on as we build a database-driven wiki application from the ground up with a modern fully-asynchronous web server, SQLite and a full OORDBMS. We'll construct a simple web application that you can deploy and launch with one command! Don't worry if you don't know Perl 6, that's what you're here to learn.