Terms and Conditions

PerlCon 2019 (short for the European Perl Conference 2019) is an event in Riga, Latvia hosted by a private company PerlCon.

The conference includes three days (7–9 August) for the main program and two days (5 and 6 August) for the additional program.


To attend the conference, you need to have a valid ticket. Different types of tickets include different types of services. By buying a ticket, you agree to use only included services. Additional services can be bought on location if they are available at the moment of purchase.

If you are paying by invoice via bank transfer, make sure to comply with the due day of the invoice. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee you the access to the conference and the price of the ticket.

Code of conduct

By attending the conference, you agree not to destroy or damage the property of the conference organisers or the venue, or any other parties that are involved in the conference flow. You also agree to behave normal and not to attack other people (both physically and verbally).

The conference venue is a non-smoking area.

Cancellation policy

It is possible to cancel the conference ticket at any moment three days before the conference. Although, if the cancellation is done later than one month before the conference stars, we will not be able to refund the costs, as we already paid for the venue and audio- and video-equipment, the T-shirts, food (including coffee breaks, sandwich times, lunches and attendees dinner), bus transfer, river cruise, etc. This is not because we are greedy, but because the contracts are signed and goods are ordered in advance, and those are non-refundable expenses.

Hotel room cancellations are possible until 12:00 two days prior to the date of check-in via an email to mail@perlcon.eu.


We make everything we can to keep your data private and secure. The website is using an SSL connection, also during the payment process. Online payments are done via a third-party payment gate Mollie. We do not see your card or bank details if you do not leave them in comments.

You can always contact the PerlCon organisers to request any information regarding the data that we keep on our side for your account.

To attend the conference, you only need to buy a ticket, but you are not obliged to create an account on the website.

If the case you reserve a hotel room via our site, the hotel receives your name and e-mail address.

We use cookies to store pieces of information about your current browser session and ticket purchasing details. We use JavaScript to make the site more interactive. We use CSS to hide some parts of the site content depending on the resolution of the device you are viewing the site from.

For analytics, we are using tracking codes from Google, Facebook, and vk.com.


The conference organisers are not responsible for any potential damage you or your soft- and hardware can get during the main and additional conference program. Although, you can always ask us for any kind of help.

We assume that the speakers use legal software and materials during their talks, classes and workshops. We are not responsible for any incorrect or false information given by the speakers and trainers and any negative effects as the result of using such information.

We are not responsible for a missed check-in at the airport, cancelled flights, cold beaches or global warming.