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29th July 2019, Jūrmala

Dear PerlCon attendees and the whole Perl 5 and Perl 6 community,

A part of our Rīga 2019 team is already in Latvia enjoying the Baltic sea in Jūrmala. If you have time around the conference, try planning a short visit there, too.

In this issue:

1. PerlCon 2020

It is time to reveal some plans for the next year. This time, there are two teams who expressed their interest in hosting the next year’s European Perl 5 and Perl 6 Conference. One team is willing to host the conference in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, while our team is working on hosting an event in Limassol, Cyprus. There are not many details to announce yet, but both teams will demonstrate their proposals at the end of Day 2 (Thursday 8th August), after which the YAPC::Europe representative will start voting among the attendees. Do not miss your opportunity to choose the venue for the next year. Join the conference if you did not do it yet.

2. Schedule

Since the last announce, we made a few more small changes in the conference schedule. Please check it and decide which talks you’d like to visit. If you are a speaker, make sure the time of the talk is good for you.

This year, we will have three keynote talks opening each of the three main days: the talks will be given by Larry Wall, Elizabeth Mattijsen, and Jonathan Worthington.

The rest of the program is divided into three tracks, and cover many topics in both Perl 5 and Perl 6 programming languages, as well and not purely Perl themes such as working with databases, containers, infrastructure, etc.

It is still possible to sign in to Jonathan’s Perl 6 Concurrency and Parallelism workshop on 6th August. If you already signed in, you should have received instructions on when and where it is exactly located.

3. Event map

As you know, we have prepared a lot of events outside of the main conference program. Now, as we know more about the number of people willing to attend, we have chosen the best locations. Let us list them:

4. Sponsors

Once again, we would like to thank our sponsors who helped to make the conference possible. These are cPanel (Gold sponsor), (Silver sponsor), Eligo, Edument, The YAPC::Europe Foundation, The Perl Foundation, Perl 6, Enlightened Perl Organisation, Oetiker+Partner AG, Geekuni, OpenSUSE, Validad, Perceptyx, 123 Reg, DeepText, Shadowcat Systems, Perl Services, Kritika, Black Stories, Looney Labs, MetaCPAN, Perl Maven, and The Perl Shop.

As an attendee, you will be able to meet with the representatives of some of these companies during the conference.

It is still possible to join and become a sponsor. At the moment, our needs include covering the costs of coffee breaks and the video operator team. You can also sponsor one of the free events listed above. Please contact us if you want to help!

Love Perl? Come to Rīga!

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