Konference ir slēgta

29. augusts 2019, Rīgā, Radisson Blu Daugava viesnīcā

Dārgie draugi! Mūsu konference ir oficiāli slēgta. Nākamā conference būs Amsterdamā, Nīderlandē. Mēs nezinām precīzus datumus.

The PerlCon 2019 conference is over. It was attended by 200 people from around the world. 130 people stayed at the Radisson Blu Daugava hotel, and that was very convenient from what we heard from the attendees.

The organisers would like to thank all the attendees, all the speakers, the sponsors, the video team, and the hotel team, which all together allowed us to make the great confernece.

We are going to upload the recorded videos of all the keynotes, talks and lightning talks soon, but meanwhile you can watch the live stream recordings from the three conference rooms. Consult the schedule to find the talk you either missed or want to see again.

We would appreciate your feedback, both public and private. We will also try to collect the links with post-reports, here‘s the first one of them:

domm, 10.08.2019: PerlCon 2019 in Rīga

When posting pictures online, please use the #perlcon, #perlcon19, or #perlconriga hashtag.

During the conference, you signed about 70 postcards to Larry and Gloria. Thanks a lot for doing that! We have their postal address and we will send the cards to them next week.

The PerlCon Rīga team is not monitoring the Telegram group from this moment, so please contact us via e-mail if you have any other unresolved questions.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Closing session