A Lot of Spring News

Next newsletter: 6th May. Three months to go: our May newsletter covering talks, entertainment program, our hotel facilities, and new sponsors.

11 March 2019, Rīga

Welcome to our March update of the conference preparation. We have a lot of things and updates to tell you about!

In this issue:

1. Talks

Within the last month, we have more than 30 talks submitted to the conference! The topics vary from Perl internals through Perl business applications to the talks that can be interesting to the general IT audience as well. Here are just a few examples:

This list is a tiny bit of what our speakers will talk about. Explore the talks yourself; we are sure you will find many interesting topics there.

Let us remind that we still accept new talks, so make sure you share your knowledge and submit a talk!

2. Lightning Talks

We are happy to inform you that this year, as usual, there will be three one-hour sessions of lightning talks hosted by legendary R Geoffrey Avery.

The sessions will take place at the end of each conference day, at 16:55 in the main conference room (Room $).

Lightning talks are a great thing to start your speaking experience and/or to tell the attendees about a cool project you are working on at the moment. There are more reasons to submit a 5-minute lightning talk, and of course, it’s a must-do to attend.

3. Workshops sales open

Before the main days of the conference, on the 5th and 6th of August, we have four workshops for you.

The workshops are one or two days long and are hosted at our conference venue, Radisson Blu Daugava hotel.

Today, we are starting selling tickets to the workshop. Make sure to get one if you want to level up your skills. The class size is limited, so be quick! The workshop day starts at 10:00 and ends at 18:00. You will have two coffee breaks (included in ticket price) and a break for lunch. Not to mention that you will have privileged access to the knowledge from our experienced trainers.

4. Early-bird tickets expire soon!

On 31st March, early-bird prices expire, and the tickets become more expensive. We have a big variety of tickets so that you can choose the best match for you:

After 31st March, ticket price rises by 10% for the Minimal, Basic, and Standard plans, and by 5% for the Extended and Business options.

If you are a speaker giving a 20 or 45-minute talk, you do not need to buy a ticket, but you can buy additional items such as hotel rooms (see the next section of this newsletter), or a lunch at the venue or at the Library, or an additional dinner for your partner.

5. New hotel rooms available

We have another great news: we got a limited offer of another type of rooms at Daugava hotel: Single Standard rooms.

Reserve the room now, as the offer is limited indeed. All our hotel rooms have breakfast included in the price and can be cancelled for free at any moment. Staying at the same hotel where the conference takes place seems to be extremely handy! The hotel guests have access to the gym, sauna and a swimming pool.

6. Send-a-Newbie program

Want to send a newbie to PerlCon 2019 in Rīga, but not sure they’ll understand anything? Geekuni can help your staff get the most out of the conference and save you money! The Send-a-Newbie program offers the following:

Lear more details at geekuni.com/perlcon.

7. New sponsors and media partners

Finally, we are very happy to once again announce our new sponsors and media partners, which help us make the conference possible!

Would you want to support the conference, please contact us to get the sponsorship proposal and discuss the options!

That’s all for today!

Thanks for being with us, we are working to make PerlCon the most interesting Perl event of this year! With any question, proposals and ideas, contact us at any time.

Love Perl? Come to Rīga!

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Next newsletter: 6th May. Three months to go: our May newsletter covering talks, entertainment program, our hotel facilities, and new sponsors.