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30th June 2019, Rīga

Dear PerlCon attendees,

It is a bit more than a month left before the European Perl Conference in Riga! We are very excited to host it.

In this issue:

1. Check your T-shirt size

The conference gets closer, and we are starting ordering T-shirt and food. We kindly ask you to go to your conference profile and check if you have set the correct T-shirt size. You can check the dimensions in centimetres at the following pages for the T-shifts, polos, and hoodies.

If you need an extra T-shirt, polo, or hoody, please order it as soon as possible in our shop. It would be much more problematic to get extra items before the conference.

2. Choose your food

If you prefer vegetarian or vegan food options, please let us know by changing the default preference in your profile.

If you do not have a meal in your conference ticket, but you’d like to, or if you are going to take a ‘+1’ to the attendees dinner, get your voucher. We will be ordering food two weeks before the conference.

3. Confirm your talk

A week ago, the conference schedule was published. We kindly ask the speakers to check their talk(s) in the schedule and confirm it. Please go to the ‘Edit my talk’ page (there‘s a button at the end of the talk page) and check the corresponding checkbox. It still can happen that the schedule will be shuffled a bit, so we‘ll let you know if that happens to your talk.

Please confirm the talk before the 5th of July.

There’s also a checkbox about video recording. By default, we assume that you agree to make a recording, which later will be published on YouTube. If you do not want the talk to be recorded, uncheck the box. We think that’s not fair if you do not allow the talk to be recorded, but that’s your right to decline it. In the future, we would like to make it a requirement to accept the talk.

The video recording option will be frozen on the 10th of July: you will not be able to edit it afterwards.

Please inform us if you need any non-standard things during the talk. Our beamers can be connected via HDMI and VGA.

If you give a lightning talk, they will be confirmed and put to the schedule during the conference.

4. Book your hotel room

And while we have you here, don’t forget that we offer special prices for the rooms at the Daugava hotel (our venue). Just before the conference, there’s a big music festival in Riga, and hotels in the city are mostly sold out. We have 7 rooms left for the dates of August 7-11.

Love Perl? Come to Rīga!

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