Attendees Dinner

Attendees dinner takes place at the end of the second day of the conference.


Date: Thursday 8 August.

Time: 20:00–23:00.


Lido Leisure Centre (🇱🇻 Lido Atpūtas Centrs).

Room: Beer Cellar (🇱🇻 Alus pagrabs).

Krasta iela 76, Rīga


We advise you to use our bus service to get to and from the dinner. At 19:40, there will be a few busses departing from the venue. You can find the bus in front of the main entrance to the venue. They will be marked with our logo. All busses depart with a delay of 1-2 minutes. Please be on time.

To get back to the venue, there will be one bus travelling between Lido Leisure Centre and Radisson Blu Daugava every 20-30 minutes starting from 21:30. There will be an additional stop on the right bank of the river, at the beginning of the bridge to the hotel.


The attendees dinner is included in all types of tickets except the Low-cost ticket. Volunteers and speakers are also welcome.

If you plan to attend the dinner with your partner, please buy a Dinner ticket.


The event is free with a valid ticket (except the Minimum ticket). An extra ticket costs €30.00.


Lido Entertainment Center

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At the end of the second day of PerlCon, we are heading off to the Attendees Dinner, which will be held in the Beer Cellar (LV: Alus Pagrabs) of the Lido entertainment centre (LV: Atpūtas Centrs). Here is a few photos of how it looks like. #beercellar #aluspagrabs #lidoriga #atpūtascentrs #perlcon #yapceu #perlcon19 #yapc #yapceurope #meeting #perl5 #perl6 #perl #devlopment #programming #it #coding #talks #conference #riga #latvia #rīga #latvia #lv

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Sneak peek

This is how it looked like at the previous Perl Conference that took place in Rīga.