Finding humans to turn into developers

Julien Fiegehenn — 45 minutes 🐪

This talk deals with strategies for finding trainee and junior developer candidates.

In my previous talk "Turning humans into developers with Perl" I have talked about the roles and responsibilities of a mentor. You can watch the previous on YouTube from TPCiG 2018 or LPW 2017. It's not required, but might be helpful.

Int his prequel, I am now going to explain how to hire the right junior developers or trainees. I will explore what qualities and soft skills to look for and how to figure out if someone really wants to be a developer. The methods I will talk about have been used successfully in Germany as well as the UK.

At my current role as Perl developer and mentor at Oleeo I have been doing a lot of hiring. Because Oleeo's product is based around providing the hiring process for other companies, we have a unique position to work with individual processes for this.

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hiring, mentoring, training
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🐪 Perl 5
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Perl 5 programming
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45 minutes
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