RPerl White Belt: From Zero To RPerl

Will Braswell — 240 minutes

RPerl is the new optimizing compiler for Perl 5. This course will provide hands-on guidance to lead students through installing RPerl and writing their first RPerl programs. We will implement solutions to the exercises in chapter 1 of the course textbook, Learning RPerl. We will begin work on chapter 2 if time permits.

REQUIRED SUPPLIES: Course attendees who wish to participate fully must bring their own laptop, preferably running an Ubuntu-compatible operating system; this is optional for those who wish to audit the session only.

PROVIDED SUPPLIES: RPerl itself and digital copies of the Learning RPerl textbook are freely available online. Course participants are encouraged to read the applicable textbook material in advance.


This is the official introductory training session for the new RPerl optimizing compiler, taught by the creator of RPerl.

The new textbook Learning RPerl is a work in progress, a pre-release copy is available online:


During the tutorial, we will cover all of chapter 1 and participants will write their first RPerl programs.

Topics to be covered include:

* What Is RPerl?
* Installing RPerl
* Running RPerl
* RPerl Program Files
* Exercise: Hello World
* Exercise: RPerl Commands
* Exercise: Foo Bar Arithmetic

A brief graduation ceremony will be held at the end of the tutorial session, and all participants who have successfully completed the training course will receive an official RPerl White Belt and 1st Rank Training Certificate, suitable for framing!

AUDIENCE TAKE-AWAY: Participants will gain an understanding of how to install and run the RPerl compiler.

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4 hours (class)
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