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Fibenis Way - a language neutral approach to web app foundation from Perl to PHP & JavaScript

Raja Renga Bashyam — 45 minutes 🐪

Fiben Information System is a Full-Stack web information system framework based on communication pattern & natural language principles. The framework evolved from collection of web app components implemented in Perl. The framework later extended by PHP & JavaScript.

The framework foundation is highly aligned to Perl nature. Apart from report & automation in perl, primary things were migrated to other language due to infrastructure & learning curve time. We have a challenge in training due to language mixture, the root is perl and the branches are JS & PHP. From the real time feedback improvements, we standardized a seven step learning approach that emphasis a language neutral way based on natural language principles implemented in Perl. The seven stage learning consists of (1.Programming with Natural language principles & Static HTML, 2. Data Structure & Dynamic Content Generation, 3. Functional Approach & Communication Based Customization, 4. Template Based Content Generation, 6.Data from Database , 7. http request based communication ) implemented in Perl , PHP & JavaScript languages. The multiple way of achieving same content in different languages now helps in understand the similarities & relation between languages and give a way to language neutral approach.
In this talk, i will share a real time case of a seamless implementation in Perl/PHP/JS. It may give a basic idea to language neutral approach.

Perl versions
🐪 Perl 5
Target audience
Talk duration
45 minutes
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