The Perl Family Tree: Discovering Our Heritage

Will Braswell — 45 minutes 🐪 🦋

Your family is where you come from. Your family tree helps you visualize your past, and perhaps capture a glimpse of the future. Discover our shared heritage with an investigation into the history of Perl.

There are well over a dozen different members of the Perl family of languages, including but not limited to:

- Pumpkin Perl
- Vanilla Perl
- Strawberry Perl
- Active Perl
- Perlito
- WebPerl
- RPerl
- cperl
- P2
- Parrot
- Pugs
- Niecza
- Rakudo/MoarVM

Explore the Perl family tree and become acquainted with Perl's extended family!

Talk tags
perl5, perl6, perl11, rperl, cperl, perlito, webperl, p2, rakudo
Perl versions
🐪 Perl 5,  🦋 Perl 6
Target audience
Perl 5 programming, Perl 6 programming
Talk duration
45 minutes
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