Juggling Patterns In Perl

Will Braswell — 45 minutes 🐪

Juggling patterns are described by a mathematical language named Siteswap, with names such as: 333 AKA “Cascade” 4444 AKA “Fountain” AKA “Can’t You Juggle More Than 3?” 55555 AKA “5 Cascade” AKA “Can’t You Juggle More Than 4?” 51 AKA “Shower” 52515 AKA “Passing The Baby”

I'm the founder of Circus Texas, and I'm friends with some of the guys who invented Siteswap notation in 1981.

In this presentation, you will see both the software and real-life on-stage versions of several Siteswap patterns, including:

* 333 AKA "Cascade"
* 4444 AKA "Fountain" AKA "Can't You Juggle More Than 3?"
* 55555 AKA "5 Cascade" AKA "Can't You Juggle More Than 4?"
* 51 AKA "Shower"
* 441 AKA "Half-Box"
* 531 AKA "Tower"
* 52515 AKA "Passing The Baby"

Free juggling lessons will be provided after the talk!

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perl, juggling, fun, perl5, rperl
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🐪 Perl 5
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Perl 5 programming
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45 minutes
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