Perl Reunification Panel Discussion

Will Braswell — 45 minutes 🐪 🦋

A panel discussion with representatives from the Perl 5, Perl 6, and Perl 11 communities.

Perl 5 and Perl 6 are currently 2 different computer languages.
Eventually, they will have to be reunified into 1 computer language.
Work on this process began in 2012 with the Perl Reunification Summit and the Perl 11 Summit.
Many related projects continue on to this day, with active development and community support.
This panel discussion will focus on the technical, business, and community considerations we are likely to face in the coming decades of Perl development.
Whether you are an old-school Perl 5 guru, or a bleeding-edge Perl 6 maven, this panel discussion is for you!

Talk tags
perl5, perl6, perl11, raku, reunification, panel
Perl versions
🐪 Perl 5,  🦋 Perl 6
Target audience
Perl 5 programming, Perl 6 programming
Talk duration
45 minutes
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