Deployment strategies for Perl Applications

Jens Rehsack — 45 minutes 🐪 🦋

What is deployed to where? When it's removed and who is responsible? How can a deployment migrated? Questions over questions in operating applications.

People often say: "We simply tar our project and untar it for deployment" - how reliable is that in case of georelocated datacenters? How reliable is that for massive deployments to end users?

Does an application works by effort or by accident? Does a long forgotten file troubling recent updates? Which files are allowed to modified by an operator and which files must remain untouched to guarantee correct operations?

These and more questions are answered by this talk.

Talk tags
deploy, reliable, secure, operate, devop, operator
Perl versions
🐪 Perl 5,  🦋 Perl 6
Target audience
Perl 5 programming, Perl 6 programming
Talk duration
45 minutes
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