cpm 1.0

Shoichi Kaji — 45 minutes 🐪

cpm is yet another CPAN client, whose primary feature is fastness. Now I'm excited to announce that cpm version 1.0 is coming soon!

First, I am going to show you the basic features of cpm and what makes cpm fast.
Here you'll see how cpm uses the system calls fork/pipe/select to parallelize CPAN module installation effectively.

Then we will see the changes in cpm 1.0.
cpm 1.0 will manage "CPAN distributions" rather than "CPAN modules".
MIYAGAWA has introduced a concept "central repositories" in his project Carmel. I think this is the right way.
So what happens if we apply this concept to cpm?

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Perl 5 programming
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45 minutes
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