When Cro is not a Web Framework: implementing LDAP for Perl 6

Alexander Kiryuhin — 20 minutes 🦋

So far Perl 6 did not have support for the LDAP protocol. This talk briefly explains the main parts of the Cro-centered implementation we built.

Cro is a set of libraries for building distributed systems in Perl 6, mostly used for web services and web application backends.
We will take a quick look at its generic piece: Cro::Core module and its primitives. With its general idea under our belt, we will discuss how they were helpful in implementing a Cro::LDAP module, the scope of the current LDAP protocol implementation, how its API was derived from experience with other Cro modules such as Cro::HTTP, what was similar, and what was different.

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Perl 6, Cro, LDAP
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🦋 Perl 6
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Perl 6 programming
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20 minutes
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