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On this page, you can create a new PerlCon account by importing your Act! account that you used to log in to the most of Perl conferences or workshops in the past, including YAPC::Europe, YAPC::NA, a few recent TPCiX and a number of Perl workshops. The incomplete list of such events is listed on the Act! development site.

This year, we decided not to use the Act! system. To make it simpler to fill your new PerlCon account, this form has been designed.

Enter your username and password in the form below. We will not lurk into your credentials or save them, but we will immediately and once use it to login to an Act! website. If that succeeds, we’ll create a new PerlCon account and import the data from your Act! profile. No changes to your original account will be made.

Use another page if you’d like to import your YAPC::Russia profile.

We are not insisting you use your Act! password on this page. Would you have any security concerns, simply create a new account using your e-mail address or Facebook. Or you can temporarily change your Act password, import the account, and change the password again.

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